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Fairlucent White Serum

Revealing brighter skin and
a healthy glow from within



The attainment of beauty
Moments of splendor that will linger for eternity


AUTHENT Neck Essence

Luxury Elasticity & Firming


Get rid of the skin irritation in seconds

Regain the suppleness and smoothness of the skin


Beauness A

The power of nature for beautiful skin

Best Sellers
Founded in Nagoya, Japan in 1959 with the ideology of “Seeking True Beauty”, MENARD is currently the global pioneer in formulating premium Reishi into cosmetics. MENARD has endlessly been producing supreme quality products with state of art technology and top grade professionals along it’s over 50 years of developments that established its leadership in the field of cosmetic. Today, MENARD is selling in over 20 countries globally with over 900 beauty and health products.
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