50g $9,450
After 14 years of continuous exploration and research, MENARD has finally unveiled the mystery of "Stem Cell Living Area and its Environment" and named it as "Stem Vital Area (SVA)" The brand new ingredient "Semi-petal Rose Extract" can enlarge SVA in the skin, prevent the malignant effects of ultraviolet and free radical do to the skin, maintain stem cell survival area and prevent stem cell reduction. Another improved ingredient "Sweet Cherry Seed Extract" with lipid-soluble performance can increase stem cell effect about 5 times; other major ingredients such as Boat Sterculia Seed Extract and Purple Barley Seed Extract can promotoe the formation of new epidermis cells and dermis cells respectively, making the skin revitalized again.

MENARD has likewise used an advanced Smooth Performer Emulsion II technology to integrate vitamin into the emulsifier that is generally difficult to do. Besides combining with the excellent moisturizing ingredients, one can also utilize the two skin membrane like ingredients to make the emulsion structure more tighten up.

In the moment of applying AUTHENT CREAM II, the skin will feel like a melting water penetration with comfortable texture plus a rapid feeling of fullness and moisturzing as well as strengthening the effect of membrane to enhance skin elasticity and firmness.
In the morning and at night, after conditioning your skin with lotion or emulsion, take an appropiate amount (about the size of a small red bean) on the attached stick and apply it to the entire face.
*When using the product before applying makeup, take a smaller amount and blend it well on your skin.
Semi-petal Rose Extract
Sweet Cherry Seed Extract
Boat Sterculia Seed Extract
Purple Barley Seed Extract
Bamboo Fungus Extract