130ml $2,840
The velvety texture of this skincare formula combines the freshness of lotion and the richness of an emulsion, which acts as both functions. It rapidly penetrates into the skin and leaves the skin smooth and moist, revives a plump, youthful looking skin. With regular application, the skin regains optimum moisture levels and greater density.

Use of a Rice-derived natural emulsifier
Liquid has adopted the Rice-derived natural emulsifier, which makes this fresh and rich liquid with the effects of combining a lotion and an emulsion.

Moisture Layer Emulsion Technology
EMBELLIR Refresh Massage, Liquid, Day Cream and Night Cream are further equipped with a state of art technology “Moisture Layer Emulsion”, which imitates the layered structure of the intercellular lipids of the horny layer on the top of skin with moist feeling after application in addition to providing moisture-laden comfort with a rich and thick texture.

Apply morning and / or evening after liquid, use 1-2 pumps to apply onto the face and neck area.
Hidden benefits of Reishi
In the 1980’s, Menard attention was drawn to Reishi, with long history as a valuable tonic remedy for health. We then embarked our research journey to unveil this magnificent Reishi effect on human skin.
A highly purified form
Red Reishi Extract SX and Black Reishi Extract SX
The lustrous cap produced by Reishi after heat treatment is dintinctive. After years of research, we find the component responsible for this luster is also effective in protecting and producing radiant skin. By using supercritical extraction method on specially cultivated Reishi, we were able to harvest such component successfully in highly purified form.
Exclusive Tiny Delivery Capsules Technology
Tiny capsules for delivering Red Reishi Extract SX and Black Reishi Extract SX to the skin have subsequently been developed. The addition of cholesterol pullulan to the surface of such capsules made from skin-friendly bio-related ingredient causes the capsules to smoothly permeate skin.