FAIRLUCENT Whiter Essence
100ml $950
Product Description
For more than 30 years, the professional research team of MENARD has traced the roots of freckles, aimed at the cutting-edge scientific research technology of whitening stem cells, penetrated into the roots of melanin, and solved the mystery of melanin. "W Stem Cell Whitening" can effectively block melanin. With "APM Whitening" it can lighten the spots in 4 weeks and intercept the source of melanin.

Under the influence of ultraviolet rays and other factors, epidermal stem cells will continuously secrete stimulating substances to increase pigment stem cells, resulting in an increase in the number of pigment cells, the production of more melanin, and increased color spots.

MENARD has exclusively developed the "LUCENT Double Brightening" essence, which can turn on the whitening switch, block the stimulating substances emitted by epidermal cells, and terminate the black pigment cells.
After using the toner, take an appropriate amount (about the size of a dollar) and pour it on a cotton pad, patting it from bottom to top.
Direction For Use

LUCENT Double Brightening Essence (Ampelopsis Japonica Root Essence, Ecklonia Kurome Essence)

Ampelopsis Japonica Root Essence "The essence extracted from the white root can effectively open the whitening key from the bottom of the dermis, block the stimulating substances emitted by the epidermal cells, and inhibit the excessive proliferation of pigment cells."

The essence of Ecklonia Kurome "produced at the intersection of the Pacific warm current and the Seto Inland Sea cold current, rich in nutrients and minerals in the water, is richer than ordinary sea-tangle and contains polyphenols and antioxidants, which can effectively cut off the melanin production signal and inhibit color spot formation. "